3 Day Program, 3&4 year olds
Activities are planned to include children's choices as well as
teacher directed activities.  Socialization, which is still the
primary goal of preschool, is enhanced by reading and math
readiness, music, art, and dramatic play.  Special holiday
projects, units on seasons, and science activities are also
included.  Outdoor play is provided, weather permitting.  There
are also occasional field trips to farms, businesses, and
recreational areas so that children may develop a broader view of
their world.
If your child turns 4 in the summer, he/she would be best placed
in this group to allow the Pre-K as an alternative if you decide to
delay your child's entry into kindergarten.  However, because this
class is designed to prepare your child for kindergarten the
following year, adequate emphasis is placed on helping your child
develop the needed skills.
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday - 8:45 am to 11:15 am
Class enrollment is limited to 14
Teacher and Aide 7-1 ratio
Palm Country Day School * P.O. Box 66 * Palm, PA  18070 * (215) 679-5045