4 Day Program, Pre-Kindergarten, 4&5 year olds
This class is designed to prepare children for kindergarten, but is composed of
children who are definitely going to kindergarten the next year.  Most children
in this group have fall birthdays and therefore just missed the kindergarten
cut off or are children who meet the deadline, but whose parents are delaying
entry.  Most have at least one previous year in a preschool program.  They
are ready for more challenges and structure; therefore, academics begin
earlier for this group.  There unit.  Most children are interested in learning to
print their names and eye-hand coordination is becoming more developed,
making it easier to master fine-motor skills.  They are less distracted and
able to sit for longer periods during stories or group activities.  Units and
activities differ from the 4's to allow children to participate in the 4's one
year and Pre-K the next year if necessary.

Activities include music, art, and dramatic play, as well as holiday projects and
various units on seasons and science activities.  Outdoor play is provided --
weather permitting.  There are field trips to enrich units so children may
develop a broader view of their world.

Social skills are still an important part of this program and centers are
designed to enhance children's play.
Monday through Thursday - 12:30 pm to 3:00 pm
Class enrollment is limited to 16
Teacher and Aide 8-1 ratio
Palm Country Day School * P.O. Box 66 * Palm, PA  18070 * (215) 679-5045