Palm Country Day School * P.O. Box 66 * Palm, PA  18070 * (215) 679-5045
The school is fortunate to have the use of two classrooms within the
church.  The main classroom is the Blue Room.  It includes the circle
area for large group activities, the house area, the block area, a small
manipulative's area, an art area and the snack area.  The day begins
and ends in this room.

The second room is the Yellow Room which includes the computers, the
book area, another art area, a play dough table, the Science Center, a
large doll house, more manipulative's, and an area for working on large
motor skills.  Both rooms have children involved in child-initiated and
teacher-directed activities at various times of the day.

In addition, the school has a large outdoor play area which includes
playground equipment and tricycles.

If you are interested in seeing the facilities in person, please feel free
to call the Director, Meredith Reinhart at (215) 679-5045.